Case Files


Age 46

Height  6″4

Weight 185

Caracal’s real name is unknown. He is from Afghanistan and has fought in the Soviet invasion in the 1980′s. It has been reported that Caracal may have been trained by the C.I.A  in guerrilla warfare. We know Caracal has lead his people to victory in Afghanistan and has now set his sights on the United States. He is incredibility smart, devious and vicious. It is believed that he is driven by power and greed. Since our forces are diminishing we look to the vigilante group Sons Of America to stop him.

Agent: O’Connor





        Age: 25

        Height: 5’4

         weight 125 lbs

          Crusher is the unspoken leader of the Vigilante group Sons Of America. We really don’t know what is background is before the war started. No military or police records show up. C.I.A also has no record of him. As far as they can tell he is just a regular citizen. He demonstrates tactical, physical, and weaponary knowledge.  All self taught. His team members look to him organize and plan out missions. He likes to run off alone and take on large forces. His team isn’t fond of this. Crusher seems to have anger issues. When is agitated or physical hurt for long periods of time he blacks out and goes into a rage. It has saved him and also hinders his ability to think straight at times. Crusher has beaten Caracal on several occasions but still hasn’t won the war. Caracal has put his focus on finding Crusher and the rest of the Sons Of America and killing them with prejudiced.

Agent:  O’Connor

                                                                Black Wolf

Age: 24

Height: 5’10

Weight:  165

         We know Black Wolf was a famous sports radio announcer before this war started. We know in his spare time he tries to track down his brothers and girlfriend. We don’t know how he slipped through the cracks when martial law was put in place. Black Wolf is the infantry man for the Sons Of America vigilante team. He usually takes on large platoons of terrorist units. Black Wolf carries reliable weapons, because in his role he can’t afford a malfunction.Black Wolf will not let his friends fight alone and like the weapons he chooses will not let anyone down.  He brings a level head to the team. Black Wolf is the voice of reason and grounds the team.

Agent: O’Connor

Sons Of America Badge of Honor

The Sons of America logo is a badge of honor. It means that Crusher, Raven, Black Wolf , Firefly, Heavy D and Red are not only a team but family. They do what needs to be done because there no one else to do it. They will stand against Caracal and his terrorist forces to the bitter end. The stars give the patriotic symbol of our great country. It’s why the team fights. The skull is death’s head. Some say it’s a symbol of luck others it’s what’s coming for them. The 1911 45’s are back to back to show team unity. When the bullets run out you always have your knife. S.O.A





Age 25
Height 5’11

The log files show Raven was an artist before the war started. This would explain his ability has a sniper. The need for precision.  From our satellite surveillance we see Raven uses rooftops, hills, high grass, building windows and sniper blinds.  He was given the name Raven because Norse mythology. The raven was a trickster, this suits a sniper of modern times. Raven will break the enemy mentally with his kills. You never know where a sniper will be or where the shot came from.  He uses the mk-11 for the long range kills. Though it is possible to use the MK -11 for close combat it more effective at long range, and the devastating power of the desert eagle for close quarters combat..We know he tests crusher to make he stays on top of his game.



                                                                      Heavy D


Age 26

Height 6’4

The agency records show Heavy D has resurfaced with the Sons of America. Heavy D was former body guard for the Italian Mafia but has reunited with his old friends. He is reported as having a temper. While most of the time he is laughing he can throw down at the drop of a dime. Heavy D was a photographer before the war broke out. Nobody questions him when he is taken pictures.  He is own for his strength and size. His name comes from his ability to master heavy weapons such the M-60 or Kriss machine gun shown here. It is recommended to all agents to approach with extreme caution.








Age 24

Height 5’9


Are computer division has picked up on Red from the vigilantly group Sons of America poking around in the old satellite system.  Red is a master with computer hacking and codes. He has used our satellites to track Caracal and provide intel for his team. It has been reported he has launched a few missiles at the enemy when his friends were over run.  Being red doesn’t have much field experience Crusher issued him a mini gun. Like Red himself the mini gun has devastating power.

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